Mickey Rooney has been granted a temporary restraining order against his stepson CHRISTOPHER ABER.
MICKEY ROONEY has accused his stepson of verbally abusing him and meddling in his finances, according to the Press Association. The Hollywood actor's lawyers say Rooney has become a "prisoner in his own home".A Los Angeles judge has approved a restraining order against Mr Aber, requiring him to stay at last 100 yards away from the 90-year-old actor and his home. Court documents allege that Rooney's stepson has prevented the actor from leaving the house, forced him to sign documents against his will and withheld food and medicine. The order also allows Rooney's legal team to secure his financial assets and obtain control of his website and any personal documents. The Hollywood actor, who has received four ACADEMY AWARD nominations, said in a statement, "All I want to do is live a peaceful life, to regain my life and be happy. I pray to God each day to protect us, help us endure, and guide those other senior citizens who are also suffering".
Rooney, who has continued to work in film despite his age, was presented with an honorary OSCAR in 1983 for his contribution to cinema.