The sad demise of the animator credited as Disney studio's 'Mickey Mouse expert' has been revealed in a new who's who - he died drunk behind the wheel of his car. FRED MOORE's part in the Disney legacy has been largely erased from the studio's history, but cartoon historian JEFF LENBURG uncovered the truth about the animator, who once lived in a trailer on the studio set, while he was researching new book WHO'S WHO IN ANIMATED CARTOONS. The author admits he was shocked to discover that Disney boss Walt Disney dismissed his leading animator rather than help him combat his alcoholism. Lenburg says, "He reported to work drunk so many times Walt fired him. "Beset by drinking and personal issues, he died a few months later, unemployed and with no health insurance, after striking his head in his car while driving drunk. "I thought it was pretty tragic, but he's part of the Disney story. He did so much work on Mickey Mouse's character and the actual drawing of Mickey."