Concerns that the Egyptian uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarek may lead to less freedom rather than more were given added weight on Monday following reports that the country's richest man, telecommunications mogul Naguib Sawiris, will be forced to stand trial for blasphemy after he posted pictures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie wearing conservative Islamic garb (Mickey was also bearded), seeming to suggest that that the two characters would be required to wear such dress if radical Islamists take over. After the picture ignited an uproar on social network sites (one imam called for him to be killed), Sawiris, a Christian, took to Twitter to apologize, saying "I just thought it was a funny picture; no disrespect meant. I am sorry." Human rights lawyer Gamal Eid told today's (Tuesday) Washington Post that the court case raises the issue of censorship in the country. Bringing Sawiris to trial is evidence, he said, that "there is no rule of law in Egypt.