Guitarist Mick Taylor is convinced his old band the Rolling Stones can keep on rocking for years to come after rehearsing and playing with them ahead of their 50th anniversary dates in England and the U.S.

Taylor, who was a member of the group from 1969 to 1974, has performed with his old bandmates on four of their five tour dates and he admits even he was concerned Mick Jagger and his band didn't have the stamina for a big show when he signed on to be a part of the get together.

But he quickly realised the band was as tight and good as ever when he first jammed with them before their comeback show in London last month (Nov12).

He tells, "It's been really amazing, thrilling and exciting. It's been great to play with the band again. I still get the same feeling that I used to get when we played on stage before. I'm a lot more outgoing and not quite as shy as I used to be, so in that respect it's different. I feel re-energised by the experience, too."

And Taylor sees no reason why the Stones should stop touring as the bandmates hit their 70s: "I think the Stones have always done things their own way, and they will always continue to do things their own way.

"I think everybody is having a good time on stage. It's more than just nostalgia. I think they just feel re-energised and possibly very enthusiastic about doing things in the future. I just have an intuitive feeling that if they want to do some more shows, they can. There's no reason why they shouldn't be able to."

It looks as if the band's 50th anniversary tour will stretch into next year (13) - the group announced plans to play at California's Coachella festival in April (13) on its mobile phone application on Friday morning (14Dec12). The big date was quickly removed as fans scampered to share the information.

The Stones' final official show of their 50th anniversary tour takes place in New Jersey on Saturday night (15Dec12).