Sir Mick Jagger and his former lover Luciana Giminez constantly bicker over their son's visitation rights because they both want to spend more time with the teen during the holidays.

The Brazilian model and Tv presenter fell pregnant with the Rolling Stones rocker's child while he was still married to wife Jerry Hall, and, after their brief romance, Giminez won primary custody of little Lucas.

The 14 year old now lives with his mum, stepfather Marcelo de Carvalho and half-brother Lorenzo in South America, but Giminez admits she has a hard time sharing him with the Start Me Up hitmaker whenever they go on vacation.

Appearing on U.S. Tv show The View, she says, "What I had with Mick was a great relationship. He was a great man. We have Lucas, which we wouldn't change him for anything (sic)... He's a real sweet boy...

"(Mick) loves him. We fight over the holidays. Mick's always saying, 'You're a very hard negotiator!' Because I keep more days. I say, 'There's a lot of travel days,' and I try to, like, take more days for me. He's like, 'But you live with him!' I'm like, 'Yeah, you can come here and live in Brazil if you like!'"

But Giminez insists her new family gets along great with Jagger, adding, "I'm even thinking we're (Marcelo and I are) gonna send the little one (Lorenzo)... (to Mick's) for the holidays."