SIR Mick Jagger's model girlfriend L'Wren Scott prefers a clean lifestyle - because she has seen the damage drugs can do.
The brunette beauty, a longtime companion of the Rolling Stones singer, admits she has watched friends give in to temptation and wreck their lives.
Scott insists she always turned down offers to do drugs - even if it made her pals feel awkward.
She says, "In this industry, I've watched a lot of people destroy themselves. I used to find it quite scary to watch people get really out of it.
"I really don't mind what other people do, though I always found it strange that other people were uncomfortable if you didn't. They'd say, 'You'd love it if you tried it with me'. And you'd say, 'Maybe we'll try that next week. What's that again? Heroin? OK, maybe not'."