Sir Mick Jagger likes clothes to ''emphasise'' his silhouette.

The Rolling Stones frontman is known for his slim frame so says when he's performing on stage, he likes to show off his body as well as wearing clothes that allow him to move.

He said: ''I've always done a kind of skinny silhouette because I am skinny; I don't have to worry about covering up fat bits! So you've got to emphasise your silhouette. But then sometimes you want, on top of that, clothes that have movement. So I've always done a lot of coats influenced by riding coats of the 18th or early 19th centuries - what the French call 'red in gote.' I do those with a small tail. Obviously I've done other more mad things. I've done capes and things.''

Mick - who is in a relationship with fashion designer L'Wren Scott - also says he likes his stage outfits to be glamorous and fit the type of show he and the band are doing.

He told WWD: ''When you're onstage [the costumes] have to fit, and they have to be - for me - glamorous. They have to fit in with the show. If you're doing a small club like we did the other week [in Paris], you don't want to dress up like a popinjay. If you're playing in a really big stadium, you want to be in superbright colours, otherwise you just get lost. But if you're in an arena that's really well-lit, like we're going to be in the next few shows, you don't have to be looking like a Day-Glo.''