Mick Jagger flounced his way through the weekend's season finale of Saturday Night Live (May 19, 2012). Acting as host, comedian and musical guest, all rolled into one, his performance on the show seems to have been well received. The evening proved to be a doubly remarkable one, as it also marked the farewell performance from Kristen Wiig, who bid the show a tearful farewell.
During the show, Jagger performed some Rolling Stones hits, with an all-star backing band, courtesy of Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire. Both are bands with a stellar reputation in their own right but, in the eyes of The Guardian, both appeared over-awed at the very idea of acting as a stand in for Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. Providing the musical accompaniment to Jagger's trademark thrusting and yelping, Arcade Fire played along with a version of 'The Last Time,' a fitting tribute to Kristen's final appearance as a cast member on Snl. Foo Fighters, meanwhile, fired through a performance of '19th Nervous Breakdown' and 'It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It).'
Meanwhile, in between hosting duties, Jagger performed in a couple of the comedy skits for which the show is famed. Mainly riffing on variations of his own legend, in one sketch, Jagger played an insurance salesman with an unhealthy knowledge of Jagger's many notorious mannerisms. Jagger is one of the rare breed: a legendary rock star who doesn't mind people having a laugh at his expense. Wiig bowed out in fashion, telling him "Moves Like Jagger'! That's my all-time favourite Stones' song!"