Sir Mick Jagger's son hates pop music.

The Rolling Stones frontman finds 14-year-old Gabriel - one of his children with former wife Jerry Hall - ''very funny'' because of his stance against chart artists.

Mick told BBC Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley: '' I've got one younger son who is I don't think really keen on music and the other one adores it. My second youngest son - I won't mention the name because he'll cringe - he wrote a wonderful rant against pop music generally.

''I don't think he was doing it against rock. He was asked to do a rant at school against anything and its very, very funny. It was all about girls with not much on, ridiculous lyrics that are just repeated endlessly, and electronic set-ups. It was very analytical! It was aimed at Rihanna more.

''He doesn't get it from me, he's completely made it up, I was really surprised and impressed!''

In spite of this, Mick - who has seven children with four women - revealed two of his sons are showing musical prowess, although he doesn't think any of them will really follow in his footsteps.

The 'Satisfaction' hitmaker said: ''They are somewhat showing musical ability. My youngest boy [13-year-old Lucas] is the most addicted to pop music and he sings all the time. Snatches of little bits of pop songs, not always in English.

''My eldest son James is back in England, he's in a band called Turbogeist. I don't want to put it in a niche but if it was pushed in one, it would be thrash mental with an English sense of humour, but it's a good band. That's my only child that's actually on stage!''