Mick Jagger lost his shoes the last time The Rolling Stones played with The Beatles.

The 'Paint it, Black' singer said the incident took place at the height of the band's fame - during a performance at the 1966 NME Poll Winners concert in London's Wembley Arena - although in hindsight, he says he acted ''very stupidly''.

He told NME magazine: ''You might have to Google this, but I think when we played there with The Beatles in '66, that was the last UK Beatles show in front of a proper audience. We played two numbers, I can't remember what they were - one might have been '(Can't Get No) Satisfaction', I suppose.

''I remember throwing my shoes out in the audience - very stupidly. I'll always remember it for that. I mean, I'd probably arrived in those shoes, you know? And had to walk home without them.''

The 'Doom and Gloom' rockers - made up of Mick, 69, Keith Richards, 69, Charlie Watts, 71, and Ronnie Woods, 65 - recently earned four nominations at the 2013 NME Awards for their 50th anniversary efforts last year, including nods for Best Live Band, Music Moment of the Year for their two concerts at London's O2 Arena, Best Book for retrospective '50', and Best Music Film for critically acclaimed documentary, 'Crossfire Hurricane'.