A pair of Sir Mick Jagger's trousers are set to fetch more than $10,000 at auction.

The Rolling Stone frontman's custom-made pants, which he later shared with his bandmate Keith Richards, are being sold online at RRAuction.com and are expected to make the huge sum.

The description on the website reads: ''Mick Jagger's custom-made sage green velvet pants, personally worn and shared by Jagger and band mate Keith Richards, and gifted to musician Gram Parsons circa 1968.

''The front of the pants consist of two buttons and a zipper, with the rear featuring an adjustable belt. In very good condition, with extensive wear from use and some staining to back. Accompanied by a copy of a letter of provenance from John Nuese, a close friend of Parsons and a founding member of the International Submarine Band, dated October 24, 2007, who lists them as 'Blue velvet pants, custom made for Mick Jagger, used by Mick and Keith Richards, then given by Mick to Gram Parsons.'''

The trousers are also being sold with some images of Mick wearing them.

The description continues: ''Also accompanied by five images: one of Jagger wearing the pants; another showing the pants displayed with two images of the pants being worn on different occasions by Jagger and Richard, the latter sitting with Parsons in the back of a convertible; a third depicting Richards and Parsons in conversation; and two others of Richards and Parsons at Joshua Tree, the location Parsons later died. The high hem of the lower pant leg can be plainly identified in the convertible and Joshua Tree photos, and very clearly match the same pants offered here. The item is also accompanied by various written materials relating to the pants and Parson's connection and musical relationships with both Nuese and the Rolling Stones. These pants, worn by three legitimate heroes of the 1960s rock landscape, neatly tie together the intimacy shared by Parsons and his friends in the Rolling Stones.''