Business-savvy rocker Sir Mick Jagger oversees his daughter Georgia May Jagger's modelling contracts before she signs them.

The blonde beauty has made a name for herself in the modelling world after landing lucrative jobs for companies including cosmetics giant Rimmel, fashion firm Chanel, and car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

The model has now revealed her protective father takes an interest in the business side of her work, and makes sure she is getting a fair deal.

She tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "He has always been very business-savvy so I talk over my contracts with him."

Jagger also reveals the Rolling Stones rocker has given her sage advice on how to juggle her hectic work schedule with a happy home life, adding, "He also taught me how to have a life too. He is someone that is so recognised, but he manages to keep his life private and he's passed that on to me."