Mick Jagger is 'a hero in the sack'.

The Rolling Stones lothario - who has fathered seven children with four different women - should credit his hair for his success with the opposite sex, according to Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy told the Sunday Times magazine: "Mick Jagger doesn't have great hair because he's a hero in the sack, he's a hero in the sack because he's got great hair. Or so I'm told anyway.

"I've been blessed with very good hair genes, but I can't say it ever did me a lot of good in the Romeo department, most girls take one look at me, scream, then run away."

Although Ozzy - who is married to TV star Sharon Osbourne - believes he never had much luck with women, he does admit to having had his own unique way of breaking up with unwanted girlfriends.

He explained: "A tweet isn't a very considerate way to break someone's heart. In these kind of situations, the old-fashioned way is usually the best: send them a fax."