Veteran rocker Mick Jagger has hired a luxury hotel to celebrate his 60th birthday - but only after he was refused permission to hold the bash at a former royal residency in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Rolling Stones legend - who turns 60 next Saturday (26JUL03) - had wanted to party at the palace, but was turned down because his pal Vaclav Havel is no longer Czech president.

Political rival VACLAV KLAUS came into power this year (03) - and so Mick's do has relocated to the posh FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, which the wrinkly rocker has hired out for $120,000 (GBP75,000).

COURTNEY POWELL, reporter on the PRAGUE POST, says, "Klaus doesn't like anything associated with Havel. And that includes the Stones. There is no way he will allow the Stones to party there.

"Mick will be celebrating his 60th with a low-key, private party at the band's hotel for close family and friends."

20/07/2003 14:00