Sir Mick Jagger gave up on plans to write an autobiography following a dispute with his former Rolling Stones bandmate Bill Wyman.

Wyman, who left the band in 1992, claims frontman Jagger was offered a book deal and asked to look at the bassist's extensive archive material to help put together his memoirs.

However, Wyman refused and he claims Jagger subsequently gave up on the project and handed his advance back to the publishing company.

The bassist tells the Daily Express newspaper, "I've got the letter (Jagger wrote to me), it said 'I'm doing this book so of course I'll need access to your archives'. And I went 'Not a chance'. So he had to give the money back because he couldn't remember anything.

"So he never wrote the book but he expected me to give him all the stuff and it wasn't on so I didn't do it of course. No one else besides me kept anything."