SIR Mick Jagger has endured sleepless nights and early mornings during THE ROLLING STONES US tour over the weekend (10/11SEP05) as he struggles to keep up with the performance of his beloved England cricket team back home.

The rocker is obsessed with the quintessentially English sport and has found the past four days agonising as he follows England's final five-day test match against Australia. If England win or draw they win the Ashes series - competed between the nations every two years and won by Australia each time since the 1986/87 series.

The match will end today (12SEP05) - England currently hold a slight advantage - but that's no consolation for Jagger.

He says, "I will wake up as early as I can and watch it.

"Every English person I have met around the US has been either following it or asking people how it has been going.

"I think it is going to be very tight. It has been a great series because the teams are so evenly matched."