Mick Jagger enjoyed pouring over 40-year-old Rolling Stones footage for a new documentary, insisting the experience was like looking at a "family scrapbook".
Jagger and his bandmates joined forces to collect images and footage from their time in France recording 1972 epic Exile on Main Street - and the result is acclaimed new documentary Stones In Exile.
The film contains never-before-seen footage of the band at work and play, and Jagger admits viewing the archive clips was fun for him.
He says, "It's like when you look through your family scrapbook in a way. You get your book out or get your computer out and you look at these old pictures.
"You get these nice feelings, but then this isn't actually a family album because you're making a film or re-releasing a record, so you become another personality and think, 'That was a good one, that was rubbish' - you have to be professional."