Pictures purporting to show ROLLING STONE Mick Jagger's daughter ELIZABETH performing intimate sex acts in a London nightclub with the son of legendary soccer star George Best have been published in a British newspaper.

The 20-year-old model was reportedly filmed romping with Calum Best in the capital's exclusive KABARAT PROPHECY in the early hours of Friday morning (18FEB05) - following a party thrown by fashion designer MATTHEW WILLIAMSON - in full view of astonished staff.

CCTV footage appears to show Best exposing himself in the venue's doorway before grabbing Jagger in an intimate clinch. The pair then continued their sexual escapades despite being interrupted on three occasions by passers-by.

A source tells the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "They didn't care that all their groping and petting could easily be seen by security and other guests and just carried on."

20/02/2005 14:32