Mick Jagger once signed a Rolling Stones contract while a record industry executive was throttling him, according to a new book.

Controversial music mogul WALTER YETNIKOFF has penned his memoirs, HOWLING AT THE MOON, in which he mouths off about his relationships with Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson among others.

But it's an incident with Jagger that will shock many readers as Yetnikoff describes how he got the fussy rock star's signature after a dispute.

A publishing source says, "Just as this contract was about to be signed, Mick balked. KEITH RICHARDS sided with Mick and Yetnikoff told him to 'go get another brain transfusion.'

"At that point Jagger called Yetnikoff a name and Yetnikoff wrapped his hands around Mick's throat. After a few tense moments Jagger was ready to kiss and make-up and the Stones were signed."

19/03/2004 02:40