ROLLING STONE SIR Mick Jagger was desperate to land a lead role in controversial film A Clockwork Orange, according to the movie's executive producer.
In a letter from Si Litvinoff to prospective director John Scheslinger in 1968, Litvinoff admitted the rocker was keen to play the part of psychotic killer Alex, which later went to Malcolm MCDowell.
In the missive, he also reveals the Beatles were keen to score the 1971 movie.
The letter reads, "This film should break ground in its language, cinematic style and soundtrack (The Beatles love the project and Mick Jagger and David Hemmings have both been keen to play Alex)."
Scheslinger later passed up on the film, with the role of director going to Stanley Kubrick. Scheslinger's letters have been made public after they were donated to the British Film Institute after his death in 2003.