SIR Mick Jagger is keen to release THE Rolling Stones' controversial C**KSUCKER BLUES film - because he thinks the backstage movie is a "classic".
Currently enjoying the success of the Stones' latest concert film, Shine A Light, the frontman insists it's time for the Robert Frank-directed documentary, about the band's 1972 Exile On Main Street tour, to get a release.
But Jagger cannot get the film released unless he makes amends with Frank after famously falling out with him over his vision for the documentary, which the Stones commissioned him to make.
The film is currently under a court order which forbids it from being shown unless Frank is physically present.
The movie's controversy stems from scenes of sex acts, drug taking and general debauchery.
Jagger tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I wouldn't mind releasing it... That's a good movie... It's a classic.
"I wanted to make one kind of movie, but the director f**ks you over because he doesn't want to do the movie he's agreed to make...
"What you have for breakfast is fascinating, and what drugs you're taking and what birds you're shagging, that's all very lovely. But... the going out onstage is the important part, and you have to include that. And he wouldn't include that, so I got really mad at him, and we fired him."
Bandmate Keith Richards would also like to see the film released - because it's the only Stones documentary he likes to watch: "My memory of that time is a little hazy. That's why I watch it so much - so I can remember what happened."