Ageing rock legend Sir Mick Jagger has claimed he has no intention of giving up recording and touring with the Rolling Stones.

Sir Mick, who grew up in Dartford, Kent, has admitted he sees no reason why he and the other band members should stop what they've been doing for the last 40 years.

"I'm sure the Rolling Stones will do more things and more records and more tours. We've got no plans to stop any of that really," the 64-year-old told the BBC.

"As far as I'm concerned I'm sure we'll continue," he added.

Despite forming in the 1960s and being one-time rivals of THE Beatles, the Rolling Stones are still one of the biggest acts on the planet, being ranked as the top earning music act of the past year in a recent Forbes report.

The group's BIGGER BANG tour made £271 million between June 2006 and June 2007, netting some £43 million for the rockers.

However, Sir Mick has admitted he will have to give up some day, but that it will be on his terms.

"The trouble is, when you get older or you smoke a lot, your voice changes. As a singer, you know you can't go to certain notes. But that is not everything, it's the expression you put into it," he said.

02/10/2007 14:02:48