Ambitious bosses at coffee chain Starbucks approached SIR Mick Jagger about signing to their new record label a year before announcing their first big name would be his one-time chart rival Sir Paul McCartney. ROLLING STONE Jagger has revealed he met with Starbucks heads regarding a potential deal for his group - but the coffee bosses never got back to him. He says, "I actually met all the Starbucks people when I went to Seattle and you know we talked about it and they were very nice people. "They told me they were starting an actual label, but I never heard anything more about it." But Jagger has no hard feelings about MCCartney beating him to a place on the Hear Music label roster: "After a hundred years with EMI he has now signed up to Starbucks, so good luck to him." MCCartney has signed a one-album deal with the new label.