SIR Mick Jagger and his production company Jagged Films have approached playwright SIR TOM STOPPARD for the movie rights to his play ROCK 'N' ROLL, following the success of its opening night at London's Royal Court theatre on Wednesday (14JUN06). The two artists have worked together once before when Stoppard wrote the script for World War II drama Enigma, which Jagger produced in 2001. But a spokesman for the play was not willing to confirm reports Jagger and the Czechoslovakian-born playwright were teaming up again. The spokesman said, "If anything has been discussed, it would have been a private conversation between Sir Mick and Sir Tom. "To be honest, it's not something we would have heard about yet." Stoppard's new play, which spans the years from 1968 to 1990, also features music by Jagger's band THE Rolling Stones.