LATEST: SIR Mick Jagger's ex-wife BIANCA has offered to settle the dispute over her recently found $295,000 (GBP160,675) ring - by giving the reward money to charity.
Former model Jagger was in Salzburg, Austria in August (08) when she realised she had misplaced the platinum and aquamarine band.
The jewellery was subsequently discovered by Reinhard Ringler, who came forward to claim the $13,000 (GBP8,175) reward he is entitled to under Austrian law - which states the finder be given five per cent of the item's value or 10,000 Euros.
But Jagger initially refused to pay, because of the "long delay" in handing the item over to police.
Ringler claimed he thought the gem was of little value and gave it to his 13-year-old daughter, before handing it in eight days after the loss was reported by the country's press.
But now Jagger has offered to give 90 per cent of the reward money to charity Amnesty International, and 10 per cent to Ringler's daughter.
Ringler's lawyer Paul Kreuzberger says, "I assume, however, that Mr. Ringler will not accept the offer."