ROLLING STONE SIR Mick Jagger has gambled $90 (GBP50) on two raffle tickets in a bid to win a $540,000 (GBP300,000) house in England.

The multi-millionaire singer - who has homes all over the world - is one of the 5,000 people who have so far entered the competition for the five bedroom house in Wisbech, near Cambridge.

Owners NIALL and KAREN HUGHES came up with the novel idea to fund a planned move abroad, and need to sell a further 20,000 tickets.

Jagger will have to answer the following simple showbiz question on the tickets to be in with a chance of winning: Who is married to MADONNA - STEVEN SPIELBERG, Guy Ritchie or Clint Eastwood?

12/07/2005 01:35