SIR Mick Jagger was banned from socialising with rock contemporary John Lennon, because Yoko Ono insisted he was a "bad influence" on the ex-beatle.

The Rolling Stones frontman cemented his friendship with Lennon when he temporarily separated from Ono in 1974.

But their days of drinking and enjoying music together halted when Ono came back into the IMAGINE star's life - even though Jagger lived next door to the Dakota Building containing Lennon's residence in New York City.

Jagger says in new book MEMORIES OF JOHN LENNON, "When he went back with Yoko he went into hibernation.

"I was probably considered one of the 'bad influences', so I was never allowed to see him after that.

"On occasions when I went to visit someone in the Dakota, I'd leave a note saying, 'I live next door. I know you don't want to see anyone but if you do, please call.' He never did."