SIR Mick Jagger's ex-wife BIANCA is horrified the London bombings (07JUL05) have overshadowed Live 8 (02JUL05) and the ongoing plight of world poverty, thus lifting the pressure from G8 leaders.

Jagger, a dedicated human rights campaigner, was initially critical of the charity extravaganza led by SIR Bob Geldof, as she felt the public were being blinded by the fame and forgetting the true cause.

But she is even more furious that the issue of Africa's starving has been dropped since the terror attacks struck the British capital.

She fumes, "Thanks to the London bombers, Live 8 is now a distant memory.

"Nobody even remembers what happened. All the demonstrations, all the passion, all the goodwill seemed to disappear like the morning dew.

"We let the G8 leaders off the hook."

31/07/2005 02:22