SIR Mick Jagger's ex-wife BIANCA has hit out at stars such as Bono and SIR Bob Geldof for using "hype" to highlight poverty.

Jagger, a dedicated human rights campaigner herself, is concerned the public are oblivious of the many unsung heroes involved in making the effort work - as they

are blinded by the fame of the LIVE 8 figureheads.

She says, "Celebrities need to be cautious about using sound bites and hype and spin when we are dealing with issues as complex and overwhelming as this.

"The campaign to make poverty history is the collaborative effort of NGOs, grass roots, organisations, the UNITED NATIONS and thousands of people are trying to achieve the millennium development goals.

"A lot of people are impressed by fame, impressed by BONO and GELDOF. It isn't just about the two of them."

23/06/2005 09:26