SIR Mick Jagger's former wife Jerry Hall may be secretly celebrating her twisted ankle - as friends insist the ageing supermodel was secretly dreading her scheduled 50th birthday party last night (02JUL06). The Texan beauty injured herself while dancing at a party on Thursday (29JUN06). She is now on crutches after friends rushed her to hospital where she underwent an X-ray. But the accident, which forced her to cancel her plans, appears to have a bright side. A friend tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "Jerry was always dreading her 50th birthday, it's a big hurdle for any woman, never mind an internationally famous supermodel. "And for a woman who battled so long and publicly to save her marriage to Mick only for him to go off with a string of younger women, the last thing she needed was to be reminded that she is 50 and single. "When she took the tumble it was really quite a convenient way to pull a discreet veil over the whole birthday party."