SIMPLY RED singer Mick Hucknall has been caught dating two girls at once.

Last week (9MAY03) the 42-year-old was spotted partying with 17-year-old CLAUDIA KINSEY at a nightclub in Hucknall's native Manchester, England.

But 22-year-old model Sam Wood was stunned by the revelation - because she's been dating Hucknall for five months.

Wood's best friend JAMES PETHER says, "She thought she was the only one."

"She rang Mick and he denied he was seeing the other girl.

"Sam is crazy over him and believed him."

But Kinsey's pals say she and the FAIRGROUND crooner are still calling each other.

Hucknall leaves a lengthy trail of former squeezes behind him. Former lady friends include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Martine McCutcheon and tennis star STEFFI GRAF.

15/05/2003 02:33