Veteran rocker Mick Fleetwood is a huge fan of Jet because they bring him memories of the Rolling Stones in their early sixties infancy.

The Fleetwood Mac legend believes SIR Mick Jagger and KEITH RICHARDS still don't receive the recognition they deserve as songwriters, but he saw their talent right from the start.

The 62-year old says, "I like Jet. They're from Australia and sound like the early Rolling Stones. And I don't go far without listening to the Stones themselves. BETWEEN THE BUTTONS I like best.

"I just love their early songwriting period which documents the reality for me - which is that Mick and Keith don't get the credit they deserve. They're so cavalier about being Rolling Stones and they've never tried to position themselves as 'we're craftsmen songwriters'.

"But they wrote so many fantastic songs - UNDER MY THUMB, BACKSTREET GIRL, SATISFACTION. I toured with the Stones in the early sixties; me and PETER BARDENS in THE CHEYNES, we were the backing band for The Ronettes who were on the same package - the Stones, The Ronettes, and then some of the old brigade, MARTY WILDE and THEY SWINGING BLUE JEANS - and the Stones just totally blew me away."

01/11/2004 10:39