Actress Michelle Yeoh put so much practice into walking in a form-fitting kimono for her new movie Memoirs Of A Geisha, she still finds herself doing the dainty strut in her spare time.

The Crouching Tiger, HIDDEN DRAGON star admits that learning to walk in the complex outfit proved to be more challenging than a number of the high-energy action scenes she's shot in the past.

She says, "If I didn't do it well ROB (MARSHALL, the director) would have taken me out and shot me.

"From the minute I got out of bed, I'd walk around the house in it - it became second nature.

"Sometimes I'd be walking down the street in jeans and get into that little shuffle. But then I'd be like, 'Okay, time out, girl. You look a little strange.'"

She adds, "Martial arts is just practice. But a geisha requires complete control."