Singer Michelle Williams nursed a secret heartache as girl group DESTINY'S CHILD split - her dream wedding plans had been shattered.
The 28 year old was planning her marriage in 2004 and her engagement ring was being sized when her unnamed fiance realised he wasn't ready to exchange vows - and she ended the romance.
Four years later, the super-private star says, "I bought the house and all that good stuff. Then it was like, no, that's not gonna happen.
"I had looked at wedding books. I was looking at venues and doing all those things that a person would do who knows they're gonna marry somebody.
"I think that was the worst hurt I've ever felt in my life."
Williams tells Sister 2 Sister magazine she turned to God to help mend her broken heart.
She adds, "Nothing can help; food didn't help, trying to get with somebody else didn't help, family didn't even help.
"It was literally me praying for my heart to get healed, because, when I love, I love pretty hard and I put a lot into a relationship."
And the singer insists she's glad the break-up happened, because now she's much stronger for it: "I grew so much... I'm a totally different person because of it, but in a good way.
"A lot of people go through a bad break-up and they just become promiscuous... and they are bitter all the time, but, for me, that didn't happen."