Michelle Williams reveals how he daughter MATILDA helped her cope with her split with Heath Ledger, in the last interview she gave before his death in January (08). The pair split in September 2007, and Williams told Vogue magazine how she leaned on Matilda, now two, in the aftermath of the break-up. She said, "Going through a breakup is a really humanising experience. It just strips you to your core. You're nothing but feeling, nothing but emotion. There's no difference between my breakup and anyone else's, so to have to pretend that you're happy and sunny… "I really only look back on it with love, because, oh God, because of my daughter. I can't regret a single second of it because of this little hell-raising cherub sleeping in the room next to me. I hate to sound Pollyanna-ish about it, but that part is true. She's bigger than any heartache could ever be." Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on 22 January, after suffering an accidental overdose at the age of 28.