DESTINY'S CHILD ruined singer Michelle Williams' education because she was planning on completing her studies when she received a call to join the girl group.
The singer halted her college education to tour the world with R+B singer Monica and had every intention of living up to the promise she made her parents about returning to school when destiny called - literally.
She says, "I was so hungry. I said, 'Mama, let me do one more tour (with Monica) and I'm gonna get you that car' - there was a Chrysler that she always wanted... I said, 'After this tour I will go back to school.'
"After that tour, I got the call about joining Destiny's Child."
But, even then, Williams felt she could balance her soaring pop career with her education: "They wanted me to be an alternate member of the group... I was like, 'Oh, alternate member? Cool. I can go to school and do my own thing.
"But I never was an alternate member."
Had Williams concentrated on her studies she's convinced she would have become an academic star.
She tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "I studied for two years before I started singing background for Monica... Many people in my family have degrees. There's three doctors, nurses and teachers."