Actress Michelle Williams opened up about her fears for her ex-fiance Heath Ledger in a recent interview that now seems oddly prophetic following the actor's death. Speaking to website last year (07), just before she and Ledger split up, Williams said her partner was deeply troubled by the personal attacks on his character from the media in his native Australia. Ledger was left upset after he and Williams were attacked on the red carpet at the Australian Brokeback Mountain premiere by a photographer wielding a water pistol, according to the actress, who is said to be "devastated" about the death of her ex. The attack came after two Aussie journalists claimed Ledger had spat at them. Williams told, "They've been really tough on Heath, and he takes it personally. They've been tossing out this stuff about him being a spitter, and it's just so mean, and it really hurts his feelings. "He's not that way at all. It's not true. The only spitter in our house is (daughter) Matilda." Meanwhile, Ledger's director friend Neil Armfield insists the actor was tormented about the fact he couldn't return to his native Australia - because the media hated him there. He says, "A couple of paparazzi in Australia have sort-of realised that they can get a bit of a rise out of him. He's a boy, and they attacked him." Armfield reveals the same snapper who squirted water at Ledger, turned up at the actor's home the following day. He says, "He turns up at their house. He's ringing the doorbell all day - they have a new baby, remember - and he gets a news crew there, and they were just camped outside the house. "He had a bunch of flowers, and said he wants to apologise to Michelle."