Actress Michelle Williams has no plans to start dating again in the near future after deciding to focus her energies on her daughter and career.
The Hollywood actress, who was previously engaged to late actor Heath Ledger, split from filmmaker Spike Jonze in 2009 and was romantically linked to director Cary Fukunaga earlier this year (11).
Williams is currently single, and although she admits feeling "lonely" occasionally, she is happy to devote all her time to work projects and her daughter with Ledger, Matilda.
She tells Britain's The Times, "I'm single. My feelings about it change from time to time. Some days I'm settled about it, some days lonely, but I've come to look at this time of my life as about my daughter and work.
"If something else was to squeeze in, it wouldn't get the attention it deserved, or it would take attention away from another place it was needed.
"The nature of the world is that things change: it would be logistically impossible for the rest of my life to go on as it is now, so it will shake up or something will surprise me because it always does.
"I don't know if one can say one is 'ready' for love if one is not actively engaged in the experience of it."