New mum Michelle Williams is urging all women to experience motherhood because she believes the process gives you an automatic sense of being as healthy as you possibly can be.

The former DAWSON'S CREEK star gave birth to baby MATILDA ROSE in October (05) and admits all through her pregnancy and into motherhood she took greater care of herself and has never been healthier.

She explains, "I've never been able to take the kind of care of myself that I was able to while I was pregnant because I never cared about my body or my health or my mental state. I was not willing to put that much effort and time and thought into just me.

"As soon as I got pregnant it really changed everything for me. All of a sudden I wanted to do things that would benefit my baby. I wanted to eat healthy foods and go on long walks. I wanted to do yoga to calm my mind and to calm her environment.

"It was easy and I enjoyed taking care of my life in a way that I never had thought of for myself. I have so much more respect for my mother because I never knew what it meant to carry someone for nine months."