Michelle Williams was "disappointed" with her single 'We Break the Dawn'.

The former Destiny's Child singer admits she was stunned by the poor response to the track - which failed to make the top 40 in the UK singles chart - and her debut solo LP 'Unexpected', which was released last autumn.

She said: "I was disappointed. I worked with some great producers on that song, as I did with all the songs on the album. I really feel my album was able to stand with all the other pop albums that came out in 2008. This was my first one and I just have to keep going to prove I can do this kind of music."

However, the 28-year-old singer says she was pleased with her efforts despite the heavy criticism.

She added to DigitalSpy: "Of course I wanted better sales and to be able to tour, but I was pleased with the reception it got considering it was my very first mainstream pop album. I'm kinda known as a gospel girl, so I think I have to push a little harder to make people believe I can also do pop music. I think the album did well at getting that message across."

While she wants to push her solo career further, Michelle admits she would love to regroup with her former bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland.

She said: "Would I be up for a reunion? Oh definitely, but one day in the future when everybody's ready to do the group thing again."