Michelle Williams says her daughter can watch her latest movie 'Blue Valentine' someday.
Michelle Williams, the American actress whose performance in 'Blue Valentine' won her an Oscar nomination, says her 5-year-old daughter can watch the movie someday, but not quite yet, reports the Examiner.Speaking on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards (27th February 2011) Williams discussed the movie with television personality Ryan Seacrest, who asked her whether being a mother made it easier to play the gritty role. The actress replied, "Oh gosh. I don't know. It plays into everything that I do". Seacrest came back with, "That's not appropriate material in the movie for a five year old..Will you show her someday?", to which Williams replied, "Someday, yes". The acclaimed film follows the story of a young married couple played by Williams and Ryan Gosling. It was heralded by critics but initially received a Nc-17 rating for its explicitness.
Michelle Williams eventually lost out in the category of 'Best Actress' to Natalie Portman for her performance in 'Black Swan', at Sunday's ceremony.