Michelle Williams hasn't watched 'Manchester by the Sea'.

The 36-year-old star has received an Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for her starring role in the acclaimed drama movie, but has confessed to having never seen the film in its entirety.

Michelle revealed: ''I've seen some scenes from the movie. I haven't actually watched the movie.''

However, Michelle insisted she does plan to eventually watch the film, which has received six Academy Award nominations in total, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Casey Affleck), Best Supporting Actor (Lucas Hedges) and Best Original Screenplay.

She told The Wrap: ''My friend and I were going to see it at a theatre in Brooklyn today, but I got called into work.''

Michelle also admitted to being surprised by the success of the Kenneth Lonergan-directed movie, which tells the story of an uncle who looks after his teenage nephew after his father dies.

The actress confessed she never expected the film to receive so many Oscar nominations.

She said: ''I love these kinds of sets - they're the ones I'm the most comfortable with. It was just another barely-held-together independent film production. We were cold and hungry and tired. But we believed in Kenny.''

Meanwhile, Michelle previously admitted to having a good feeling about 'Manchester by the Sea' the moment she read the script.

She explained: ''Often you read something and it's just not true.

''You can't really trust it, you can't imagine yourself saying it or being it or doing it. But Kenny's dialogue gets under your skin really quickly, because it's true. I was struck by that across the board, not just for my character but for everyone.''

But the actress still had doubts about her own personal performance in the film.

Michelle shared: ''I don't know that I've ever walked home from a movie set and felt I'd done a good job.''