Michelle Williams doesn't have a TV.

The 'My Week With Marilyn' actress - who has seven-year-old daughter Matilda with late ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger - has to rely on friends to keep her up-to-date with visual events as they happen.

Her close friend and former 'Dawson's Creek' co-star Busy Phillips told People magazine: ''She doesn't really have a TV so during the Golden Globes, I texted her pictures of the dresses.''

While Michelle - who is dating Jason Segel - has been accompanied to many red carpet events by Busy, her pal insists they have an equally fun time just relaxing at home and indulging in their favourite foods.

She added: ''I like going to awards shows with Michelle but it's fun to sit at home, eat pizza and watch like normal people.''

Busy recently admitted she had asked if her friend could appear on her TV show ''Cougar Town' - but the request was dismissed, only for bosses to be keen to land her on the programme at the height of her success.

She said: ''''This is not a joke - we can give ['Cougar Town' co-creator] Bill Lawrence all the s**t we want for it.

''At the beginning of the show, in the first season, I told him, 'My friend Michelle Williams wants to guest star on the show.' And he's like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah.' And they never did anything with it!

''And then she was nominated for her third Academy Award and they're like, 'Hey, maybe one of your friends would wanna...?' I said, 'I told you season one that she would do it! You lost her now to the third Academy Award nomination.'

''It would be great. I want her to play my bookish sister who hates me.''