Michelle Williams has a ''real problem'' laughing during filming.

The actress admitted shooting on 'Blue Valentine' had to be halted because she and co-star Ryan Gosling were unable to keep a straight face for three hours.

She said: ''It's a real problem for me. Once on 'Blue Valentine', Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing for three hours. In the end we gave up. We couldn't function.''

However, Michelle's frequent laughter won praise from her 'Take This Waltz' director Sarah Polley because she finds it so easy to depict having a good time.

Speaking about a scene in an aerobics class, the blonde beauty added to Total Film magazine: ''It was like a dance party for grown ups at 3pm. It was a delight to read that scene and relate to it.

''Whenever I've done exercise in a group class I've enjoyed it so much it makes me giddy with laughter.

''Sarah said to me, 'You have a talent for laughing the way people do for crying.' It's not like I have a surplus of laughter that wants to get out, but things get me easily.''