Michelle Williams thought she'd be settled down by now.

The 31-year-old actress - who has a six-year-old daughter, Matilda, with late actor Heath Ledger - always assumed she would be happily married at this stage of her life but insists she's not too worried about it.

She said: "I'm one of those women who finds themselves single at the grand old age of 31. Maybe there's a pressure that's self-imposed because somewhere in my head I thought I would be by now. But it just isn't the way it's worked out."

But Michelle - who can currently be seen in 'My Week with Marilyn' - is not sure if she will ever be ready to find love again, following the tragic death of Heath in 2008.

When asked if her grieving for the 'Dark Knight' star inhibited her romantic life, she replied: "Who knows? I don't know if you ever really know when you're ready. I don't know if I can say one is 'ready' for love if one is not actively engaged in the experience of it."