Michelle Williams and Keyshia Cole have resolved their differences after the outspoken singer slammed the former Destiny's Child star's performance at the Super Bowl in February (13).

Williams asked Cole to have a one-on-one conversation after she blamed her for ruining her ex-bandmate Beyonce's half-time show at the big game in New Orleans, Louisiana, insisting, "Michelle sung and woke my a** up from my daze! She always f**kN (sic) the groove up".

Williams refused to start up a rivalry, telling Pennsylvania's 107.9 Philly's Morning Show, "I don't even do Twitter beef (fighting). Can't wait to see (Cole) in person so we can talk and say, 'Hey, what happened?'"

Cole apparently accepted her invitation to chat and Williams took to her Twitter.com page on Sunday (08Sep13) to tell fans the pair had made peace, writing, "Apology accepted KeyshiaCole! We had an amazing conversation and I also say sorry for Any misunderstandings! I'm so happy this happened!"

The Survivor hitmaker previously insisted she was a big fan of Cole for overcoming a difficult childhood due to her birth mother's addiction struggles.

Williams insisted, "I understood her story and was rooting for her. My little sister was born with crack cocaine in her system, so when I see someone like Keyshia Cole, who is defying the odds, doing things and taking care of her family..."