Michelle Williams only trusts American dentists.

The former Destiny's Child star is currently living in London while starring in West End musical 'Chicago' but chooses to fly back to the US when she needs a check-up on her teeth rather than see a British dentist.

She said: "My dentist is based in Los Angeles but, despite the distance, I always go to see him because he's just so good.

"Luckily, I don't have to see him that often otherwise trips could get rather expensive!"

Michelle isn't the only star who takes particular care of their oral health.

Simon Cowell has spent thousands of pounds perfecting his gnashers, while rapper Eminem brushes his teeth with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap to keep them pearly white.

Christian Bale spent thousands of pounds getting his teeth fixed to play Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho' - but admits he hates his new look.

He confessed: "When I did 'American Psycho' I did fix my very English teeth, which I miss dearly. But Bateman couldn't have had the teeth I had. I kept a mould of my old ones because I did like them and knew I'd miss them."