Australian actor HEATH LEDGER struggled to shoot a miscarriage scene in his upcoming film CANDY - because he feared it might tempt fate on his girlfriend Michelle Williams' pregnancy. The DAWSON'S CREEK beauty was pregnant with their daughter MATILDA while Ledger filmed the Aussie drama last year (05), and he insisted on making several calls to Williams between scenes to check she was ok. He says, "It was terrible shooting that. We found out a month earlier that we were having a baby. "I don't usually get disturbed by scenes, but that was really tough. In between takes I was running off and calling Michelle, telling her I loved her. I didn't want to jinx my own personal life with this scene. "I protested a lot about it. I would have liked it to be more suggested than graphic - you do actually see a lot less on film that what was shot - but it was still horrible, this little prosthetic baby all bloody, that looked so real. It was not nice."