LATEST: Actress Michelle Rodriguez's alleged drink-driving rap on Hawaii could land her with a huge Christmas headache - if prosecutors can prove she has violated the terms of her probation from another driving under the influence offence in June 2004.

The SWAT star was arrested on suspicion of DUI after police stopped her after reportedly spotting her car weaving along a freeway near Honolulu, Hawaii, on Wednesday (30NOV05).

Rodriguez faces a driver's license revocation hearing on 29 December (05), but that could be the least of her worries if Los Angeles police decide she has violated her probation.

Entertainment news website has unearthed the probation details stemming from two separate incidents, involving drink-driving and hit-and-run.

Rodriguez was placed on probation for three years and she was specifically advised not to drink and drive.

If the Los Angeles City Attorney believes Rodriguez drove drunk in Hawaii, the office could initiate a probation revocation hearing and she could face the maximum penalty on each of the three charges. Each charge carries a maximum of six months in jail.