Actress Michelle Rodriguez is quietly delighted her Lost character ANA LUCIA has been killed off because she was ready to move on. The GIRL FIGHT star's finale aired in America on Wednesday night (03MAY06) - just days after her release from a Hawaii prison, where she served time for drink driving. But she insists her legal problems had nothing to do with her departure from the show - she had always planned to quit the series before she became a regular member of the cast. And now she's keen to get on with her post-Lost life. She says, "I planned it. When I signed on I kind of wanted (an) exit. I'm a gypsy, man. I need to be doing different things every year. "I stays (sic) in one place too long, I get in trouble." But Rodriguez admits her castmates didn't make her departure from the show an easy one. She adds, "The tough part is when all the castmembers start talking about next season and they get all excited."